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"My first internship in hospital was in Mawenzi Regional Hospital. My internship in Moshi, Tanzania was my second internship during my studies. Mawenzi is a governmental hospital with several different wards. I did most of my internship in female surgical ward guided by a local doctor. In the beginning it was difficult to understand the doctor’s pronunciation and you have to listen carefully when he speaks Kiswahili and when English, especially during the doctor’s rounds. If you are going to work on female surgical ward be prepared to assist on operations. When I was there there were at least 6 operations every week.  (The operation theater in Mawenzi Hospital is closed at this moment).The length of the working days vary a lot, sometimes the days are very long sometimes very short. Waiting is a normal part of the day. Every working day is different and already the travelling to the working placement with daladala, the local bus, is an experience. Almost 30 people squeeze themselves in to a small van and half of them are hanging outside. Remember to take with you hand disinfection liquid, gloves and a lot of patience because everything happens slowly in Africa!"                                     

– Janika Lundberg, Finland


"Moshi is a nice town in just the right size. There are many people, a lot of traffic and noise but it’s not too big. Mawenzi hospital is a really interesting place to work; it’s so different from a Danish hospital. You learn a lot and get good experience."

-Sara Nielsen, Denmark


"Working at Mawenzi has been a big challenges but also a great experience. You learn about the many cultural differences, and as a nursing student you have to accept the situation of poverty and try to find the best ways to work around it. The facilities are bad and there is always a lack of gaze and gloves. If you want to work at Mawenzi you have to have a bit of hard skin since you’ll see a lot of sick and dying people with a very bad looking future – but you’ll also be able to help some of these patients which is worth the whole journey."      

-Maja O. Nielsen, Denmark


"My internship in Mawenzi Regional hospital was a very good experience. I learnt a lot, practical skills, swahili language and also controlling myself. The internship made me think a lot about how things are in the world and why. I got a lot of good ideas  can use in Finland, and a lot of warning examples. It was rewarding to teach a few skills to the local workers. 

This hospital was a really good place because you could rotate and see all the different wards and choose what you wanted to do the most. All in all a good experience and could recommend the place for nursing/medical students."

-Suvi, Finland 


"An average day we would leave to get the daladala at about 7:30 so we could go to the clinical meeting at Mawenzi at 8:00am. This is a good place to meet the doctors and find out what they are doing that morning. Half of the meeting is usually english as they present cases. We found several areas of the hospital well worth a visit: paeds ward round, medical ward round, diabetes clinics, HIV clinic and labor ward. We found it very interesting throughout are placement. But like with most medical placement you have to be prepared to wit around for things." 

– Sarah, Ella, Ryan, Grainne – Great Britain

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